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We have just the right kind of lightings and other fixings to suite your needs

RGBW LED Beam Wash Moving Head Stage Light

High Brightness, Power Consumption: 240W, Protection: IP20…

14X3W LED Bar Lights

High power with brightness LED, High efficiency and energy saving…

Moving Head Spot Light

320W, 220W, 280W, 250W, 200W, 90W

RGBW Led Par Can Stage Lights

18X10W, 18X15W, 24X15W, 24X18W, 18X18W, 14X10W, 14X15W

Pattern Light.

Behringer, Peavey, Yahmaha, Allen & Heath, Presonus…

Lazer Projector

Behringer, Peavey, Yahmaha, Allen & Heath, Presonus, Mackie, Pyle…

Stage Fog Machine

with wire + remote control. (900W, 100W, 1500W)

RGBW LED Water Proof Par Light

4X10W, 9X10W, 25X15W

LED Spider Moving Head Beam Wash Light

8X10W, 4X10W

Moving Head LED Spider Light

8X10W, 8X6W

COB Par Light

60W, 100W, 200W

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