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Sake Strategies Limited was established in 2010 as a branding, event management and consultancy firm. The Principal Investor, Sam Oluwatoye, a seasoned event management expert with over 15years experience in the industry with practice in Nigeria and the United States of America is vast in the area of branding and Events Management. His studies in the area of Interior Decorations in the UK and Events Management in the USA has given him an edge in the industry.

Sake Strategies believes in a professional and personal approach, assisting its esteemed clientele in their branding and communication requirements by providing and executing creative and analytical solutions intended to help achieve their operational and business targets, offering exceptional service and the assurance of complete customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we simply do not settle for the norm and continuously drive ourselves to be inspired by fresh ideas borne of collaborative problem solving, sharp imaginations and new technologies.


  1. To be in the forefront of brand management and events management consulting by 2020, giving multinational companies and SMEs the excellence oriented services they deserve.
  2. Become a profitable organization, allowing us to spread our tentacles and take advantage of other investment opportunities as they become available.
  3. Develop a solid, corporate identity in our target market area. We are building an organization that will transcend generations and thus with this in mind, several investments ranging from knowledge to character and inventions will be a major projection of Sake Strategies. We intend to sell our brand and be known for keeping our word in the delivery of our products and services.
  4. We believe genuinely in the saying that ‘the customer is always right’. we are committed to our clients, we genuinely love and care for them. We exist for them and strongly believe that our clients are the major non financial stake holders of Sake Strategies.


  • We help manage your event from start to finish. Regardless of the magnitude of event been done, we use our wide experience and exposure to ensure you not only have a beautifully packaged event but also have it with a high level of excellence.
  • We know that the beauty of any event has to do with the lighting of that event and we are prepared to make your event memorable with our wide range of professional and effect lightnings, We will help you create the mood, feel and beauty that you desire with our lights.
  • We brand your organization and even brand your event. We are a creative organization and therefore come up with items and concepts that help brand your organization and special events. Speaking with you for a few minutes is enough to let us know what you are thinking and what you want. We deliver to your exact specification and interest.
  • Our interest in your organization and our value of creativity helps us to give you stage designs that befits your events. We are not just event decorators, but a professional stage designing organization. You either give us your concept or we can design a concept that
    fits your event and organization. Our office in the United States is staffed with designing and conceptualizing professionals who deliver the best and on time.

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