Tunji Adekola, VP – Baton Heights

“Sake Strategies training is not the usual training you attend on leadership. In the last training I attended with my team, they did a fantastic job of focusing on the team and getting people to think less about the me and more about us.  My HR team responded excited, happy and all of them told me they really enjoyed the bespoke leadership training organized by Sake Strategies.  They definitely focus on the positives and how to use that to your advantage at both work and in your home life. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking build their team in leadership through training.”

Brian Izu, Team Lead – Ivory Executives

“I would highly recommend Sake Strategies.  They do a perfect job in helping you and your your team understand the concept of leadership beyond becoming a boss. I had often understood leadership in the light of giving orders but the last training blew my mind as the MD, Sam Oluwatoye explained leadership in the light of receiving orders. It was quite expository and enlightening. The best part of the training was realizing the results I had always expected from my team. It is really amazing.  

Morayo Demilade – Lead Consultant – Communique Institute.

I am excited to write this testimonial about Sake Strategies. I have attended several leadership trainings but this seems to come differently. Sake Strategies helps you decode instinctual behavior so the learnings are applicable, and you can make the most of your team’s strengths and understand what makes them unique.  They also do a session on Servant Leadership which I found very insightful, and again with examples that made it memorable.  The people from Sake Strategies are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and I really enjoy any interactions I have with them!”

BY – Green studios

One thing distinguishes Sake Strategies. They are not about the theory of leadership but they train you from the heart. My knowledge of leadership is far beyond the theory now but I have an understanding of what it practically means to become a leader. Now, I can lead my organization with a difference

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